The Importance of Good Hydration when Exercising Outdoors

Over Train If You Don’t Want To Gain
April 18, 2017
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The Importance of Good Hydration when Exercising Outdoors

With the temperatures rising, our bodies are able to cool themselves through sweating. But ONLY if we have properly hydrated ourselves before the activity begins. It is difficult to maintain proper hydration if you begin with activity. So, get a head-start on hydration throughout the day if you know you’ll be exercising later in the day, especially if you’ll be outdoors. Also be aware that exercising in the heat and humidity can increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.

By consuming enough fluids during exercise, you are protecting your cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, and muscle function, as well as hydration status. If you plan to exercise for an extended period of time, consider a fluid replacement with the addition of carbohydrates. This can help maintain blood glucose during exercise, preserving sugar storage in the muscles which helps delay fatigue.

If you’re going to be exercising or exerting yourself outdoors, ALWAYS have a bottle of water on-hand and be sure to drink up.


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